Clearview cleaning 2015

  • Clearview Cleaning was founded in 2006 by proprietor Nigel Murray originally under the name Clearview windows, the company started originally specialising in window cleaning and soon built a solid reputation in the domestic market. In 2007 Clearview Windows expanded its business to the commercial market, this first started out as cleaning entrance halls for flats and soon developed into a full contract cleaning market cleaning offices, pubs and clubs. 2008 saw more additions to the services offered by Clearview Cleaning, this was when the market for pressure washing and carpet cleaning became apparent. During 2010 Clearview Cleaning purchased its first water feed pole system to reach heights of 3 stories, this dramatically reduces the health and safety risks. Clearview Cleaning has continued to grow since 2006 and is now a strong reliable business able to meet all domestic and commercial requirements.